Alliance Consulting & Excavation, LLC is experienced in siting and excavating well drained ponds.We have the capability of cleaning up an existing pond and providing proper drainage or helping you determine the best location to install a brand new pond to enhance the landscape of your property.

Whether you want to stock fish, invite wildlife or enjoy a relaxing view of the water,  Alliance Consulting & Excavation, LLC  can help you make your landscapingvision become a reality.

Please give us a call at (802) 274-1776 to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment to discuss you needs. We're happy to help!

The following are images of a 30 year old neglected, 1.5 acre pond that we cleaned up and brought back to life. With some excavation, installation of proper drainage a bit of landscape this pond is clean and much nicer to appreciate and enjoy.